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1.Basic metal fabrication course
2.Basic Machining and fitting course
3.Brazing and Soldering
4.Basic Plumbing and sheet metal
5.Manual metal arc welding
6.MIG ( Metal inert gas welding)
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1.Certificate in Motor Vehicle Systems (CITY & GUILDS)
2.Technician Certificate in Motor Vehicle Systems (CITY & GUILDS)
3.Craft Certificate In Auto Electrical (TEVETA)
4.Technician Diploma in Motor (City&Guilds)
5.Diploma in Telecommunication (city& Guilds)
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1.Vehicle Electronics Diagnostic Techniques
2.Diesel Electronic Fuel Injection Systems and Diagnosis
3.Petrol Electronic Fuel injection Systems and Diagnosis
4.Auto Electrical Module A
5.Auto Electrical Module B
6.Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Service(Phasing,Calibration & Injector Service)
7.Motor Vehicle Electronics
8.Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance
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The mechanical Engineering department offers a wide range of short term courses that will best suite your industrial needs. mechanical engineering applies engineering, physics mathematics and material science. Our department is equiped with well qualifide personel ready to impart the knowledge skills and competence.

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To Provide Professional Industrial Technical Training and Consultancy which equips students with cutting-edge knowledge skills and innovation to meet national and regional requirements